Bad day, Bad day – excellent day !

In our lives we tend to forget the unpleasant experiences – bad days and focus on the good ones. This makes us keep on going to the next day and the next and seek out the opportunities which enrich everybody’s life.

In a family of a child with some challenges this is more truth than others.

We have been through a stretch of some sleepless nights and bad couple of weeks.

This brings me to the point that the time we see our Oliverko laugh, have fun and enjoy company of others is the greatest feeling. We live and strive for these moments.

We were fortunate enough that few years ago we have meet wonderful staff od Infinite Resources which specializes in providing these moments to the families. After receiving few pictures from Saturdays session I wanted to give them a huge shout out. I can not thank you enough for the moments when Oliverko is spending time with you. Thank you for carrying.



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