Bike 2016

IMG_4612This past week we have been a part of a great cause “You Can Ride 2”. All started-on Tuesday when I picked up a trailer from Fred. By the way thank you so much for letting us use it. Than on Wednesday picked up few bikes and loaded them up.

Thursday was the day. Boys picked a bike special delivered from Calgary. Than after hours we I Headed to Broxton Park School to start unloading the bikes. The guys went to the Edmonton bus burn to load bikes.

Its a great and exiting to see the room filling with bikes. The thought of kids riding them the smiles and the fun they will have over the next few months. Not to even mention Oliver.

Oli has been a part of this program for past year and it is safe to say this is a great program. We went from not wanting to sit on the bike and not wearing the helmet to wanting to get on it when he see it plus not having a problem to wear his helmet.IMG_4621

This time I want to thank Kichton Contracting ltd. for letting us use their trucks and special thank you to Blair, Dylan and Matej for giving us a hand to move this bikes. IMG_4660The guys even stayed longer and made a second trip with trailer to make sure all the bikes get unloaded.

At this time the real work was about to begin.

I would like to thank you Janine, Melanie, Trent, Molly and all the volunteers for doing this. As a father of special needs child you can not even imagine how greatly this is appreciated. You guys have picked the best bike for Oli and we will work hard this summer to get him  practicing on it.




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