Giving Tuesday – Nov 27 2018

To: All my friends

Hi my name is Oliver and I have Autism diagnosis.

I am seeking donations to improve lives and spread the word about children with disabilities.

As last year from your donations I have again helped YouCanRide2 program. With help I have supplied computers to programs to help logistics. I have managed to get lots of toys to children with and without special need.
This all enabled me to have a great year and here are some of the highlights. I am attending second grade and my classmates are the best. They all say hello even when they see me on my walks through the city.
With Autism numbers raising every year we need to spread the word about this condition in our local communities, by donating you can help us to do that.
If you feel you want to help me on my journey please donate by visiting us @, or mail us cheque to Olivers Twist Ltd, 19 27320 TWP 534, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3R9.

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