Good Bye 2015

As I reflect on 2015 it has been a busy year.

Lots of traveling, tests and therapies for Oliver. Lots of ups but of-course few bounce backs and downs.

To mention few of them. Well we have started Olivers Twist Ltd. not for profit organization to help to promote Autism in local communities and help out families who have to deal with this disability.

This is to thank you for all of you who have donated to our cause.

One of the trips took us to Chicago to the Autism One conference. Lot of great information came from there.

So we have performed lots of tests to find out exactly what is going on inside Olivers body and how to help him out.

That is about when we have read the book “The Brain Way of Healing” and I got obsessed by the listening therapy. We got into the Listening Center and booked in a trip. It was very exiting since Oliver always loved music. Never the less this was the trip of the year. Oliver actual went to Toronto to visit Listening Centre for 15 days intensive therapy. I am happy to report Oliver has changed 100%. He was more grounded and started to listen to more. This was the reason we have opted for part two and The Listening Centre was so great that they allowed us to do the part two at home which we have finished just before Christmas.  Again with more little successes every time.

Sumer was fun with Olivers bike. We did ride everyday rain or shine. Oli loved it and we are continuing at school and hopefully next summer. Oliver

Another milestone for us was of course continuing the diet.

We had a setback at school but we got over it how ever it took some time. Thankfully we have done the listening par two after this incident.

In September I have attended an autism conference in Calgary and had the privilege to meet Patricia Lemer. Shortly after we had a consult with Patricia about our road to recovery. She has pointed few areas where we were a little bit behind. So we got on to them and we have started MNRI over the Christmas. We are also looking into few new things as well.

These are just a few highlights for the last year. To sum it up basically everything we did has brought us closer to Oliver and him to us. We have lived better and healthier life because of him.


Thank you all for being part of our lives.

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