haircut ANYONE ;o)

Hello All,

as any parent of special needs child you have few fears. One of them is getting haircut. Since Oliver wont sit for a long periods of time. That is not even thinking about all the other stuff which comes into a play at the hairdresser (lights, noises, buzzing of the clippers etc.) So put that all together and a haircut becomes a huge task.

Well we were thinking about how to approach this for a long time. Usually the solution was a quick cut by mama during bath time. This time we have come across “Lisa’s Mobile Hair Service” .

After an hour or so of chasing Oliver around the kitchen island, few bribes by his favorite fruit and pumpkin seeds. We have done it.

I will let you judge for yourself.

Here is Lisa’s web page link:

Oliver Haircut Feb 2016
Oliver Haircut Feb 2016
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