Happy Birthday little sister

So another year has passed and we had another birthday for our little girl. This is usually a happy time at typical family. How ever in a family with a kid with disability it is way different. This is the time when you reflect on how the kiddos are growing up. It is a sad to see the difference between the kids, how one is progressing and the other one is way behind.

Not even mentioning when Oliverko had his low point yesterday it was just when we have started to sigh the Happy birthday song.

We are infinitely blessed to have the best girl in the world which did not even blink that mama had to leave with Oliver. She quickly went through the gifts and was ready for the usual Monday skating at the ring. Where she was demonstrating to me that she can go fast and jump and ride on one foot.

Over all it turn out to be not bad of a day. When you lay down and you reflect on everyhting you realize how blessed we are. Each kid has something special in them. Something which they teach us every day. Something what we would not exchange for anyhting.

At the end of the day this this this is a great experience. When you lay down on the ground and Oliver comes and looks you into your eyes and tells you with his eyes that he is sorry and he loves us its all worthed.

have fun !

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