Hello 2016 !

First day of 2016 is almost over and we had some up and some downs. It seems that Oliver does not care if it is new year or not. His issues are bothering him which ever holiday we think up.

This is the time when we set our goals for new year. Whether it is lose weigh, work out more or just to relax. It does not matter some of them come true and some of them not.

I have decided I will set lots of goals which I will work hard for but there is one wish I want to make and that is to get my son Oliver back. My goal are all circled around this wish. So here are just a few of them. We will be working hard to help Oliver with his gut problem. Another is to exercise more for Oli’s and this is where a bike will be playing a big role. (can not wait for the warm weather) Also get rid of all the crap which is in his body.

One more is to keep the Olivers Twist going full speed. Promote and educate people about Autism and help families find the road to recovery (whether it is talking, smiling or cuddling with their kids).

So I encourage all of you to help out. Talk to us get to know us and help to spread the word. If you are a business sign up to become autism friendly location.

All the best in the New Year !

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