Holidays !

Just wanted to share a father perspective on hollidays spend with our Oliverko. But firstly I want to praise our mom who is alway there for all of us and especially Oliverko. Thank you for being here for us I really do not know how you do it!!

Now, hollidays. Well used to be the happiest time of all for our family. Presents were being open and wraping paper was flying everywhere. This year few days before 24th Oliverko started to feel bad and stopped sleeping and was upset till -I guess – today. Now today it took a whole different level he was unable to walk on his left foot and by the time I got home today he was not walking at all. Was very weak. Basically Oliver does not say steady at all so not being able to walk is frustrating him. Anyway please pray for us. But back to the holidays Oliver was not himself at all. Did not want to go anywhere because the overwhelming amount of people. Lets face it is tiring even for adults. So spending lots of time home not doing much. As for presents he did not even look at his presents. However his sister was ecstatic.  Present, shopping everything. She was helping to setup the table cleaning up and playing and playing. We made one social visit to a friends of ours hence Oliver turned in the door and would not even enter the house or entertain staying there. So as usual we have separated and I have stayed at the visit with D and Lenka went home with O. At the end I have asked m friend to drive us home for what we were too thankful.

We still try to figure out what brought all this to us and at this time. But the energy has shifted before holidays. I guess everybody gets exited and it was just too much for Oliver. Lets see if it turns back to our normal within next few days.

I will keep updating the walking situation!

Thank you for all the support from our friends and everybody else.

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