Lion – movie

So everything I do lately I relate to myself and my family.

I had the oportunity ro watch a movie called Lion it is about a little boy who gets lost in India, than he gets adopted and after 20 years finds his way back to his home town and finds his mum! His mum did not give up on him and have not moved because she believed he will return one day. 

Looking at our Oliver, his mom is the same way. She does not give up and believes that he will find his way to us! Her believe is so steong that this believe is in all of us now.

Most importanty little Saroo never gave up his family, they were in his heart for all those years. I would like to believe that this is in Oliverko’s heart as well. Even throught the bad days we love him so much and we know he is in there and he is trying his best to connect with us his family!

We all go throught the journey called life. Whether it is prewritten for us or we choose is as we go its not important to us. What is important is now! And now is a better day !!!

Have fun !

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