Mall visit.

Today we have decided to visit West Edmonton Mall. The reason being is that Oliver and his sister D love to ride the train. We usually try to stay away from busy places especially during the holidays. To many people and too loud for our taste.

We got to the place and we took our ride on the train. Luckily the minute we have  stepped into the lineup the train arrived and we got on. Once off the train we have decided to take few minute to eat lunch and this is about the time when everything went down the drain. Oliver did not want to eat much D was anxious to get to the playground.  We ate and we went strolling through the galaxy land towards playground. Oliver was growing inpatient since the nose was getting louder and place was filling up fast. By the time we paid for the kidos to go into the playground Oliver did not want to be anywhere in the mall or near it.

We decided to do the famous split one will go with Oliver and the other with D. This took about 5 minutes and after we have performed another well known maneuver and that is the fast slow exit. This maneuver involves both kids on the hands and all the stuff in hands and proceeding to the exit where our safe haven is waiting. This time we took a truck.

The whole reason I am sharing this is that this fast exit involves lots of looks from ongoing people. This time some of them even commented since Oliver was not himself all this time.

This part of the day was over and soon enough I have returned back to the place with D since she really wanted to go to the playground. And what we wont do for our kids.

This brings me to the conclusion that do not go to the mall during Holliday season and life is quite difficult with one child on the spectrum and the other not.

Have a happy last day of 2015 !

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