Oliver turned 6 years old !

So Oliver turned six years old. This would usually be a very happy occasion associated with party, cakes and lots of presents, kids running around the house or backyard.

After the a struggle of trying to figure out what to get Oli we decided on a little gift, with a few balloons since that is something he enjoys to play with.

Oliver’s sister had a bigger excitement than Oliver from his birthday. Wherever she went she was telling everybody that is his birthday. And that is when I started to realize how everybody turn their eyes down and said nothing etc.

This struck me hard in the evening after I managed to get the kidos into their beds.

I have started to think how do we separates these kids, parents etc, and how actually sad this is.

Than I went on the trip down to a memory lane and tried to picture the last time Oliver said dad and actually cried when I went to work. So this birthday actually made me think of the day we lost Oliver. This made a bit happy and sad at the same time.

Over all this was another beautiful day in our lives and we have tried to make the best of it!

So Happy 6th birthday Oliver we love you soo much!

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