Oliver’s bike take 2

Just wanted to update everybody that the You Can Ride Two program was a great success this summer for Oliver. We have made some great advancements. Oliver is wearing helmet on the bike without any issues. Also he holds handles most of the time.

For some this would not be a big deal but for us it is a great think to see Oli enjoy his rides.

On October 24 we have returned the bike back and we have signed up for the winter program that meant to re-rent the bike we have used over the summer or get a new one. We all agreed that is time to push the boundaries again so we have tried few bikes (3 to be exact which Oliver took without any issues) we have found the one. Oliver even pedaled by himself into the wall but he pedaled!

I will be delivering the bike to the school shortly for the winter but I will try to snap a picture for the page before that.



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