Starbucks disappointment!

I have not posted in a long time but I was so disappointed yesterday I had to release some anger. Yesterday Sept 03 2017 girls went out on a girls date so I stayed home with Oliverko. We had a lunch and went out to a u-pick farm where we had some fun, but we had to leave since there was so much noise and lots of people. I think we still did good but Oliverko was not comfortable so I did not want to push him. On our way we have stopped at the grocery store to pick up some avocados his favorites. Than off-course my favorites hardware store and after my usual stop for a coffee at Starbucks.

Now the situation was as follows. There were about 5 people behind the counter. Nice greeting as always. Two people in line to order so I took a chance. This will go quick I thought to myself and waited. Well the first order was about to be paid so I think great. Now the mom with two kids had a large order. That was ok too so I am thinking great progress. Now the person being the counter not interested in anything slow as one can be. Not pushing right buttons. Mom in front of us had to pay like three times. Mean while it started Oliver is uncomfortable [for all parents of autistic kids you know what I am talking about.] I see it coming. I am thinking to myself just a minute more and I will get my coffee. So finally the lady in front of us is done. So I get to the counter where the Starbucks employee did not even look at us and leaved. So I put on a confusing look and do not know whats going on. By this time Oliverko is on the ground yelling. I am still hoping I can grab a coffee and make a quick exit. Eureka another person from the five people behind counter finally asked me “I can help you here”. I said the classic “Grande Pike” pay with my phone app and wait for the coffee. Usually 3 second job. The lady turns around and start filling my cup.  Than looks away walks away and no word on the coffee. Oliverko is out by this time. When he screams all the employees look at me like what is going on ! So I make eye contact with my server and she says to me “it is going to be couple minutes it is brewing”. I replay “forget it” and start leaving the store while dragging Oliverko out. I get stopped by the door by my server which says to me ” it is almost done” and hands me half full cup of coffee. I grab it look at the table where there is no milk so leaving while quickly snatching lid.

Finally it is all over. I am so mad and frustrated. I had a nice day with my son. Way to ruin it.


I understand that everywhere we go people look at us funny. But people you are in service industry. You should be able to recognize that something is wrong and offer to help instead of chatting through your intercom and hanging around not doing anything, for parents of special needs kids it is the greatest thing you can do !!!



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