Weekend update

Hello all,

Wanted to give you an update on Oli’s weekend. Summer is around the corner and that means less clothes on. This make Oliver stay outside for hours. This is not possible in the winter due to his sensory issues [too much clothes = let time outdoors]. That is great since we love our backyard. Only issue is that we have no grass so mud is everywhere outside and now even inside of the house. 

Do not get me wrong I am not complaining it is so much fun to see him actually smiling. 

So on Saturday we had a busy day where Oli decided to wake up at 4AM. I think by now he knows that something is up. Any time we have a doctors appointment he wakes up so early like he knows something is up. Obviously he has fallen a sleep on our way there so was cranky all visit and than again fell a sleep on way back but waked when picked up from car seat. Than the rest of the day went down the drain. But once a sleep he actually slept through the night. ;o) 

Again my suspicion is that he knows what is coming the next day since he had a great sleep he wake up happy. At that time I have picked up friends form airport and brought them home. Another little boy and girl. so we have a full house of kids for the spring holiday.

Oli is so exited that we are so happy. He even tries to interact with them by touching them. Sometime a bit rough which kinda scared the kids but they are trying to get used to this. Offcourse I bribe them as much as I can, had a cake made up for them with their favourite characters. Great shout out to Livia @livsspecialcakes https://www.facebook.com/LiviasCustomFondantCakes?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

To wrap up it has been an eventful weekend with Oli with ups and downs as usual. 


remember have fun 

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